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During the 20 years when Online Video was the leading transport video producer in the UK, OV helped to raise in excess of £140,000 for the preservation movement by offering bona-fide groups and societies a generous 55% discount. This was a unique achievement. Some of the recipient societies are listed in our useful links page.

If you have transport-related cine film or transport-related negatives and colour slides, please contact Online Transport Archive via our our useful links page.

What they say about us

¶ best producer of vintage traction videos in the world (Electric Railways of the World on videotape)

¶ pure nostalgia in abundance (Shipping - today and yesterday)

¶ ONLINE has the knack of gathering film from a number of sources and making it into attractive presentations (Classic Bus)

¶ ONLINE invest a great deal of effort and care into producing well researched and technically accurate video tapes (Newcastle 501 Preservation Fund)

¶ ONLINE videos are professionally edited and narrated and have proved an ideal way of raising funds over the last few years (Merseyside Tramway Preservation Society)

¶ ONLINE videos are genuinely exciting (Electric Railways of the World on videotape)

Originally, there was no sound on our historical videos but following sustained pressure from early supporters such as the late Roy Hubble, sounds were added some 15 years ago. The process adds about 2-3 working days and, of course, the sounds can only ever be representations helping to add to the atmosphere and sense of authenticity. Recently, a few customers questioned the over-use of the same trolleybus sound tracks so we are currently taking steps to rectify this by adding new, fresh sound tracks ready for upcoming releases covering MAIDSTONE; GLASGOW; MANCHESTER & ASHTON; and WOLVERHAMPTON/WALSALL. Even so, we need to record without people and also have sufficient distance for good passing sequences - most older recordings were nearly always made on board. One review of SOUTH LANCASHIRE AND ST HELENS TROLLEYBUSES actually wanted to hear dubbed sounds of 1950's industrial backgrounds - great if they existed and if we had time to add another 3 days to the production schedule.

Unusual facts about London’s transport

If you travel to London for business or leisure, you will need a few means of conveyance to move around this large city. Not all the tourist attractions are located in the same area and, if you will get in London for business, perhaps your hotel is located a bit further from the places where you will have to work. Find some interesting facts about transportation in London and meet a beautiful lady from London Escort Guide to help you shift effortlessly in the city.

Walk around London

All major cities have a network of transport links that keep the city and locals moving. London is definitely a city which has always been adept at growing innovative infrastructure able to meet the needs of inhabitants, locals and tourists. Perhaps this is the reason why you will discover in London numerous unusual facts and forms of transport that are slightly more unusual than in other cities. If you meet a charming lady from London Escort Guide, you have to take her to the Tower Subway if you want to astonish her.

Located nearby the Tower of London, the Tower Subway is actually the former entrance to Tower Subway. This tunnel was crossed by 1 million pedestrians per year before the opening of the Tower Bridge. People who wanted to cross the Thames had to use this Tower Subway, a 410 metre tunnel running underneath the river. In current days this tunnel is closed and used for water mains.

Explore London accompanied by a beauty from Escorts like those from

Cross the river in Woolwich Ferry, this free vehicle ferry service that connects North Woolwich in East London with South East London. Today’s free service was opened in 1889, but it is a part of a historical ferry that has operated here even since the 14th century. The ferry has about 2 million passengers per year and it is a more efficient way to transport than by getting stuck in traffic in Blackwall Tunnel.

Greenwich Peninsula is linked to the Royal Victoria Docks by Greenwich Emirates Airline. As the first and only cable car system in London, Greenwich Emirates Airline is not quite a tourist attraction, but it will offer you some great views if you travel by this conveyance mean by the side of your charming companion from London Escorts. If you want to travel very fast on large distances in London, you must go underground with London Underground. 4 million of Londoners use it pretty much every day, so you will sure travel by it as well.

If you want to discover a new tunnel underneath London, you will have to take your date from London Escorts and explore the Greenwich Foot Tunnel. It has 370 metres and it crosses the Thames in East London. But if you truly wish to have a unique experience, you will have to take a London Duck tour. Walk around London in these innovative means of transportation and discover London by the side of your delightful companion.

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