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Take a tour with London Buses

The famous red buses are a convenient and quick way to travel around London. All the tourists who travel to London have to travel by bus at least once, whether they come here for business or for pleasure. There will be plenty of sightseeing opportunities along the way and for only £1.50 you will get to benefit of them. Take one of these red buses to explore the city by the side of a beautiful lady from London Escort Guide and you will have a wonderful time together!

The London Bus story

If you want to get some souvenirs to remind you of London, you will find plenty of items shaped as the red London buses. The first bus service was launched in London in the year 1829 and it took the Parisian service as an example. The founder – the coach-builder George Shillibeer – had an impressive fleet of horse-drawn vehicles and he started a trend that many people have followed. LGOC – London General Omnibus Company started to dominate the scene by the turn of the century.

But the horse bus was not quite comfortable, nor enjoyable, so the carriages were pulled by horses along smooth metal rails. Known as “horse trams”, they were used before the electric trams which started to transport people around from the end of the 19th century. Along with the first motor-drive bus in 1899 and the B-type bus in 1910 the comfort was increased and people reached to different areas of London more easily.

If you want to admire various types of carriages and buses that were once used to transport people around London, you must visit the London Bus Museum on Brooklands Road, Weybridge, Surrey. Explore the amazing models accompanied by a gorgeous lady from London Escort Guide and you will not get bored while discovering interesting facts about the red buses. Perhaps you did not know this by now, but the buses were painted in different colours before 1907, each color signifying a certain route. But LGOC wanted to stand out from the fierce competition and painted their fleet of buses red. Numbers and not colours will signify the different routes from this point.

Spend your time with a lady from London Escorts

The Routemaster bus is symbolic in London, but it was withdrawn from service in 2005. Easy access lo-floor buses replaced them, yet you can still enjoy a tour with a Routemaster if you are passionate about the iconic red buses. You can ask a tempting lady from London Escort Guide to keep you company on the Route 9 from Kensington High Street to Aldwych or on Route 15, from Trafalgar Square to Tower Hill, which are the only routes where this symbolic bus is still used.

Travel to London and it will be like the red buses are all over. Uncover the history of the impressive red buses, find interesting details about the bus spotters and discover the reasons why so many people are fascinated about the bus. Take a bus tour with a beauty from London Escort Guide and enjoy your ride together!

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