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Film footage

Yes - we do opt to use some poor-quality standard 8mm purely for its rarity value. Yes - we know it is not up to the quality of footage filmed today. Yes - sometimes colour definition is not up to scratch despite using all the latest technology. We use it because there is simply nothing else available.


One review of SPANISH NARROW GAUGE STEAM complained that within the compilation some sequences were too short. Sometimes, we believe customers think Online has an overflowing wealth of archive film which we opt to omit. Usually, a couple of years has gone into tracking down film so, in most cases, what you see is what was found. We wish there was more but too often a lead runs cold because film has been destroyed. That is why we ask everyone to look on the website under the section 'Archive your collection' at the bottom of the News & Appeals page page.

However, in light of the above observation, the cover of any future compilation will indicate if some sequences are relatively short. The same review also spotted that one very brief sequence was in fact in Portugal. Naturally, this is a bad mistake. The rough edit was seen by several noted experts on Spanish narrow gauge railways and everyone failed to spot this one. We can only apologise and reiterate that with every tape every effort is made to check and double-check everything to ensure maximum accuracy.

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